Anti-Social Behaviour in Uphill

Date Published: 23rd May 2023

Following the recent report of anti-social behaviour in the village (see Neighbourhood Watch Alert news item posted 23 May 2023) the Uphill Village Society repeats the advice it has previously published and as confirmed by the police:

Ongoing anti-social behaviour

When reporting repeated instances of anti-social behaviour, it is useful to record a description of what happened and the date, time and location. To help you keep track of ASB incidents, download the ASB Incident Diary document (PDF).

If you have reported a persistent problem to the council, police or housing provider and feel not enough action has been taken, you can request a Community Trigger.

Report criminal damage and arson

The offence of criminal damage involves damaging or destroying the property of others and is covered in law by the Criminal Damage Act 1971.

Criminal damage or arson in progress

Dial 999, if the criminal damage or arson is in progress.

The offence of criminal damage involves someone without lawful excuse:

  • destroying or damaging any property belonging to another
  • intending to destroy or damage property
  • being reckless as to whether any property would be destroyed or damaged

Arson is the act of deliberately setting fire to property including buildings and vehicles.

Report criminal damage or arson

If there is no immediate threat, you can report criminal damage or arson:


The Village Society would remind residents that it is not a statutory body and has no powers of policing or enforcement. The volunteer trustees of the society do their best to help in situations involving anti-social behaviour when brought to its direct attention but should not be seen as a substitute to the police or other agencies. The society has been proactive over many years in engaging with the police, agencies and residents to consider possible solutions. It has facilitated and chaired a number of meetings between residents and the police, ensures Neighbourhood Watch alerts are published at the earliest oppotunity and continues to do so. Only one incident of anti-social behaviour has been reported to the society this year. This was followed up with hours of receipt with both the reporter, the police and local authority.

The police have been asked by the Village Society if they can provide details of all reports of anti-social behaviour or other crimes received for the village over the last 12/18 months as it is important that all such incidents are reported in the manner detailed above.