Neighbourhood policing in Uphill

Date Published: 11th October 2023

Youths were getting into the grounds of the old Uphill Grange nursing home and causing problems for local residents by throwing stones at neighbouring properties and breaking windows and hitting residents with the stones.
In response Uphill's Neighourhood Police team say they:
- Increased patrols around the area.
- Worked with the owners to make them aware of the issues and they have increased security at the Grange by putting up fences and employing security guards.
- Worked with local schools that the youths attend and they have held assemblies warning of the dangers of getting involved in ASB and trespassing.
- Identified several youths who were involved in the ASB and they will be dealt with via our ASB process.
Patrols in the area will continue but please report any issues to the team on 999 or 101.