Tree Planting in Uphill

Date Published: 27th October 2023

The second of the trees being planted by the Village Society as part of the late Queen's Green Canopy Project has been planted at the junction of Ellesmere Road and Old Church Road. This tree is being part funded by Uphill WI and has taken place with the kind help of NSC Tree Officer Harry Lloyd.
The Society will also be planting trees at the Uphill Road South junctions with Laurel Drive and will replace the Oak tree on the hospital flower boat roundabout if this should this prove necessary.
Orders have been placed with a local company for the replacement of various of the planters around the village including the two by the school where this new tree has been planted and in readiness for the autumn/winter flower planting. A village noticeboard will also be placed there in due course.
This work is being funded from the proceeds of the summer fete and recent race night. Further details on the tree planting scheme will be included in the winter edition of Uphilviews due out at the end of November.