Uphill Wharf Clean-Up. Update.

Date Published: 25th February 2024

Uphill Wharf Clean Up
Following the actions agreed at the public meeting held in November 2023 and after further discussions with North Somerset Council Officers, Councillors, wharf users and other relevant parties the Village Society agreed the following in relation to its involvement in the proposed clean up of Uphill's Public Wharf.
To engage with the local community and businesses and North Somerset Council (NSC) to tidy up the wharf area and put in place measures to prevent future dumping of waste and unauthorised storage of items.  This is intended to improve the wharf environment for all users.
The existing gate will be modified so that it can be locked to prevent vehicular access.  Access to pedestrians and pushbikes will be unaffected.  It is intended that the gate will normally be locked and that keys will be held by the Seafront Ranger team, who will provide access to wharf users as reasonably necessary, subject to advance notice being given.  A small number of keys will be issued to regular wharf users including wharf residents where these are necessary to enable established use of the facilities to continue.  The gate will be modified to be as tamper-proof as reasonably possible and will be monitored by existing CCTV cameras to deter deliberate damage.
To support the clean-up activity, lockable skips will be provisioned by NSC during the clean-up phase.  The clean-up activity will be carried out by a task force of volunteers from the community, with some support from NSC operatives.
Funding for the gate modification, associated signage and the skips will be provided by NSC. 
Stakeholder Engagement
The identified stakeholders and proposed engagement levels are:
Subject to the necessary consultations being completed in time, the target period for the clean-up will coincide with the Great British Spring Clean, which will run from 15 to 31 March 2024.  (Held 23  March)
Potential Future Initiatives
Provided that the initial scope of activity delivers the benefits envisaged and a better wharf environment can be maintained, further initiatives may be proposed in the future.  These will be subject to all necessary consultations and funding constraints.
Future initiatives may include clearance of “abandoned” vessels and/or vehicles, which is excluded from the scope of the current activity.  This may require NSC to pass a new by-law to update and formalise its role and responsibilities in relation to the area.
For the avoidance of doubt, Uphill Village Society will not propose any initiatives that are intended to adversely impact existing residents of the wharf.
Agreed 25 01 2024