Uphill is a pretty village in the civil parish of Weston-super-Mare in North Somerset, England on the Bristol Channel coast.

The name recorded in Domesday Book as Opopille, derives from the Old English uppan pylle, meaning “above the creek”, referring to the mouth of the Axe.

View of Uphill Village

Uphill has much to offer to those who do not seek the bright lights but prefer the quieter pursuits such as walking and sightseeing.

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In winter the wild fowl and other birds attract the birdwatchers over wintering in the area. In fine weather walking the hill provides a bracing exercise for those who enjoy the view and do not mind a bit of wind! On the rare occasions we get snow the hill is great attraction for tobogganing.

In spring and summer the hill is coloured by wild flowers such as cowslip and buttercups and during the month of May the carpet of several thousand green wing orchids (they are purple by the way) is most attractive.

If you care to don your wellies then a wander from the sea defence by the boatyard, across the salt flats to the beach at the mouth of the river Axe, then along the beach and back up Links Road to the boatyard, makes a popular circular route.

Another shorter route is the path alongside the Pill. This track runs from the boatyard sea defence along side the pill, before turning left to Walborough, or Young’s Hill as it is still known to some of our older residents (the hill marked as Tumulus on the map).

Crossing Walborough to the Tidal Trail you can then either make your way back through the quarry, or continue up over the hill to the tower and Old Church then down the path to Uphill Way near the Dolphin and the Ship public houses (for refreshment perhaps?).

Whatever reason brings you to Uphill, do enjoy your visit. Take time if you will to stand and stare at the beauty of creation. Take some gentle exercise and return home happy, stimulated, and blessed by the experience.